Welcome to this 4 week healing series!

What you'll receive from this course

  • 4-5 video lessons per week with processes & teachings to help shift anxiety, depression and discomfort in general

  • A guided meditation in every class (4 in total), weaved in throughout the 4 weeks

  • Tangible tools you can use even after course completion including a powerful grounding process & alternate nostril breathing technique

  • Whether you experience depression/anxiety or not, this course will help ANYONE who is looking to take charge of their inner world and bring more light into their life

  • Go from overthinking and negative self talk to EASE and inner freedom

  • Experience the shift AS you take the course, and learn to work with your thoughts & emotions so they don't work against you

  • Massive perspective shifts to help you deeply understand your emotions & thoughts so you can start to heal and feel more inner PEACE

  • DEEP inner work and even some light shadow work in week 4 to really dive into our PATTERNS and alchemize them for our highest good

  • Downloadable summary notes for each week (it is recommended to take your own notes as well)

  • Lifetime access to the course so you can come back to it at anytime

If you're ready to...

This course is for you if you're ready to...

  • Shift & Receive Support

    You're ready to shift those unconscious patterns that have been driving your life. The deeper beliefs & thoughts that we have about ourselves & the world that keep us stuck- you're ready to shift those so you can start living with more freedom & ease.

  • Let Be & Let Go

    You're ready to start feeling into the things that stop that you can finally let it go. You sense, feel and know that there's a different way to see your discomforts, and that this perspective shift will change everything.

  • Quiet & Connect

    You're tired of your "monkey mind" running wild, and are willing to really sit down and connect to the CORE of who you are. Your essence. The eternal beautiful presence that is you. It's your time to step into who you really are.

Who This Course is For...

  • Deep Feelers

    For those of us who are sensitives, deep feelers, and empaths. Perhaps you're ready to see your depth of feeling in a different light, allowing these sensitivities to work FOR you rather than hiding behind them. Maybe you're feeling the call to step into who you really are, and shed what no longer serves you.

  • Spirit Seekers

    For the people who walk through life from a place of Spirit, Soul, & Heart. Perhaps you feel that you've disconnected from this part of yourself, or you're ready to deepen your mind, body, Spirit connection to experience more flow, ease & peace. You're ready to shine again.

  • Growth Lovers

    For those of us who are lovers of life, and wanting to live our BEST, most magnificent lives. You feel ready to shift your subconscious patterns and quiet the monkey mind. As you know, when we make these deep internal shifts, our reality reflects it - and shows us how absolutely divine we are.

Are you ready for the shift?