Anxious & Stressed?

It's time for ease.

In this powerful & transformative 1 hour recording, I share the tools and teachings that have helped my clients the most in regards to anxiety/stress. Learn practical processes and SHIFT into an intuitive state of ease. When we're in a state of ease, life is more joyful and FUN and not a pain in the you-know-what. The reason why this work WORKS is because we're going inwards and getting to the heart of the matter. The reason I got into this work is because it worked for me, and I experienced the shifts firsthand. Now I'm able to share this with you, and that to me is the most exciting thing ever! I hope you enjoy this 1 hour experience. -Raman

What's Included

Here's what you'll receive & learn in this powerful 1 hour workshop...

  • Explore the 3 patterns Raman has noticed in people who experience anxiety & chronic stress and how to shift these patterns

  • Understand the POWER of the words we say to ourselves

  • Feel grounded, uplifted and at ease with a heart opening meditation

  • +2 bonus downloadable audio snippets from the workshop (a meditation and a meditative process)

  • Experience the higher awareness of who you are - your authentic and empowered truth

  • Understand where your anxiety is coming from and transform it into INTUITION and EASE

  • Remember the core spiritual principles of quieting the monkey mind & trusting the flow of life

  • Learn PRACTICAL processes on how to work with worry-thoughts and how to receive intuitive guidance instead

  • Learn the foundations of self-compassion and why we aren't self-compassionate (what the research says)